NCC Pastoral Care & Prayer Meeting/Referral Request Form

At National Community Church, we are dedicated to providing you with support, guidance, education, and prayer as you encounter various life challenges and seek to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

Toward that end, we have several avenues of support, including:

  • Prayer Ministry Appointments - Prayer ministry appointments cover the gamut of life from prayerfully managing emotions and heartache to discerning God's will or finding spiritual direction.  Prayer ministry topics can include issues such as identity and restoration, careers and calling, relationships or brokenness, grief and loss, shame and anxiety, understanding prayer and the Spirit and more.

  • Pastoral Care Appointments – Our campus pastors and volunteer pastoral care team members meet with people 1-3 times and then refer them to get more specialized help if that is needed.

  • Counselor Recommendations - We can provide recommendations of Christian counselors in the DC metro area who address a broad range of issues.  Unfortunately, most Christian counselors are not in-network on any insurance plans, but some insurance plans will reimburse you.

To request a prayer ministry appointment, pastoral care appointment, or counselor recommendation, please fill out the following form.